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Neurological Physiotherapy


Neurological Physiotherapy addresses disorders of the brain, spinal cord and neuromuscular system.

These conditions often have an adverse affect on movement.

Conditions which can be treated include:  


Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson's Disease

Brain Injury

Spinal Injury

Motor Neurone Disease

Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Transverse Myelitis


Treatment is based on your own goals. It is often aimed to enhance functional recovery yet can also look to maintain optimal function where conditions have become more progressive.  

Some of the most common symptoms we see and treat include:


Muscle Weakness

Altered Muscle Tone

Altered Sensation

Poor Balance

Reduced Mobility

Reduced Fitness Levels 



For more detailed information please contact us to discuss your individual needs.


We offer a variety of treatment options at Physio Mechanics. During as assessment we determine which of these approaches is most suited to the client. We discuss goals and help find a way to achieve them. 

Treatment is based on individual need with your own specialist physiotherapist.   

With expert knowledge of anatomy and physiology, we offer skilled handling to alter the way specific muscle groups work.


Some of aspects of treatment for neurophysiotherapy include:

Specific Handling

Personalised Home Exercise Programme Design

Postural Advice, including seating and sleeping assessment

Pain Management


Home visits, in the comfort of your own home

Hydrotherapy at a nearby pool

Training for Care Teams and organisations

Liaison with other services, with the client’s consent e.g. Wheelchair Services, Primary Care Trusts, GPs and other therapists

Moving forwards, we offer after discharge advice and support on pursuing leisure programmes e.g. Pilates and Gym.

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