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Physiotherapy Home Visits

For more detailed information please contact us to discuss your individual needs.


Home visits allow the physiotherapist to assess people within their own environment.


Sometimes this can be useful for the client to better demonstrate where they are having most difficulty, for example in using the stairs, getting out of bed or when standing from their favourite chair.




A specific exercise programme can be developed to find solutions based on the particular challenges being experienced.


Additionally, for patients who have suffered a stroke, are living with a neurological condition, such as Multiple Sclerosis, or require carers at home, a home visit can be an excellent way for a physiotherapist to share their knowledge and guide carers and relatives in effective moving and handling techniques.  Enabling people to get the best possible care at all times.


We offer home visits throughout Selby and surrounding areas. 

Senior Therapy
Physiotherapy Session


Home visits and treatments outside of the clinic are charged at an independent rate, please call to find out more. 


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